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Tailored services
for law firms

Law Firms

Photo: Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Let’s protect your client’s right on the Internet

Our account managers are IP lawyers and specialize in the digital world. 

Since 2002, we offer ad hoc services to our law firms customers and propose a white label solution, at your company’s colours and logo, that is a global personalized set up for the management of your client’s domain portfolios as well as for the presentation of our online brand protection services. From building a domain strategy around your client’s trademarks to identifying counterfeit in all continents and fighting to eliminate it, we can help you along the way.

Confidentiality is crucial to you. That’s why access to our platforms is strictly secured by several mechanisms to ensure the safety of your clients’ data: we have enabled 2-factor authentication and IP address whitelisting to protect our services.

IP Twins was founded in 2002 by Sylvain Hirsch, formerly a French and European trademark attorney, with the aim of providing services to legal experts in the practice of brand protection and to their clients.